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(announcer) that's next time on hell's kitchen. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. candles are lit tonight. tears are shed after yet another teenager is killed by gunfire. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a single father is mourning the loss of his youngest son tonight after the high school student was gunned down on an oakland street corner. the 17-year-old victim had hoped to go to college, having just transferred to a school that specializes in health and science. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland with our report. amber? >> julie, students and staff
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here at the school have lost a promising teenager. today they sent a letter out to parents letting us know what happened. tonight a father tells us his anyone is in describable. family and friends of 17-year- old raymond justice gathered for a quiet vigil in front of his home. he raised raymond as a single father. after seeing combat in vietnam, he never thought he would experience the horror of trying to save his own son on the streets of oakland. >> this is blood right here. i said that with the police, give him mouth to mouth resuscitation and his last breath came and i knew he was dead. >> reporter: last night around 6:30 he told his neighbors raymond ran to his home after he was shot at a nearby bus station. there was an altercation before the shooting. >> she was working with him on
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some of his homework and he was on his way home from that. >> the principal from the high school told us raymond had been receiving tutoring at oakland high shortly before the shooting. he was a junior with a 3.3 grade point average and planned to attend college. >> it's tough. i mean, you know, he is a kid that had a bright future. >> reporter: the students and staff at life academy have created a memorial in the hallway to remember raymond. >> if you needed someone to talk to, he was the person to go to. >> reporter: family and friends say they suspect whoever is responsible was jealous of raymond's intelligence, drive and ambition. >> it hurt me so bad. but whoever sneaky person to shoot him in the back of his head, coward, come forth and meet his death. >> reporter: raymond's father is urging the person responsible for his son's death to turn himself in. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2
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news. a former cheerleader at san francisco state university is facing criminal charges tonight for allegedly embezzling almost $20,000 from school's cheerleading team. 23-year-old ashley haily was arrested last thursday. she has pleaded not guilty to 29 felony counts, including grand theft. haily was elected coach of the cheer lading club and served as its treasurer. prosecutors accuse haily of taking the team's money and use it to pay her rent, buy food and take a trip to las vegas. they say the money was supposed to help pay for cheer camp and uniforms. >> the cheerleading camp never got the money that the cheerleaders gave to the defendant in this case. in addition they never got the uniforms that they paid for. >> haily is scheduled to return to court on september 30th. >> california's budget negotiations have moved south, literally as the record-long steal mate is now at 84 days.
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top lawmakers met never la where governor schwarzenegger is at homesick with a cold. the big five are trying to find a way to close california he is $19 billion shortfall. democrats are pushing for new taxes. republicans want funding cuts to social service programs to help close that budget gap. >> it couldn't be any closer. ktvu's exclusive new field poll shows the california's governor race is a dead heat. six weeks before election day and not a whisker's worth of difference between republican meg whitman and democrat jerry brown. ktvu political editor randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: the ktvu field poll has shown a close governor's race ever since march. each candidate has been barely up one month, down the next. but today's poll shows a closer than ever. democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman are dead locked. >> in fact, the only statistically significant am change that we've observed over
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the last six months in this race is that there is a slightly higher proportion of voters who are undecided. >> i'm a nurse. so i'm don't really want meg whitman but i am not really sure about jerry brown either. >> reporter: good news and bad for whitman in a heavily democratic state she is dead even. >> this is california. this is a state that voted for barack obama by 25 points. >> reporter: the bad, despite investing $119 million and saturating the airwaves with ads, she can't open a lead. >> all of e advertising she has spent over the passed six months hasn't improved her image one bit. >> reporter: that's the good news for brown. he has been outgunned but still tied. >> i am not going to make my decision based on what a television ad tells me to do. >> reporter: brown a's bad news, he is barely holding his own against latinos who often vote for democrats by a 3-1 margin. and typically california women break heavily for democrats.
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but this year the female vote is dead even. >> never had a situation where we've had a female republican at the top of the ticket running against a male democrat. >> historically i've voted democrat. but i am pretty much independent today. >> and you are open to the possibility of meg whitman. >> i am totally open to the possibility of meg whitman. >> absolutely jerry brown. >> since the non-stop ads haven't moved the needle much, what will? well, whitman and brown haven't held any debates yet. but their first debate is scheduled for next week. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu ktvu. we are the only television station providing a live broadcast of next week's debate. it begins at 6:00 next tuesday evening. two men had to be rescued from a rugged cleave along the coast. the men fell about 25 feet down a cliff at panther between santa cruz and davenport at
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4:30 this afternoon. they called in an air ambulance for one man because of his injuries. he was flown directly to the hospital. the second man was taken by helicopter to a waiting ambulance. rangers said the men are from patterson in stanislav county. one man is 23-year-old. the other is 25-year-old. it is not clear tonight what led to them falling. some mixed results tonight from a new passenger survey of san francisco muni riders. the survey show a slight majority think the transit agency is doing a good job. but still it's muni's lowest approval rating in almost a decade. muni paid for the survey which showed customer satisfaction at 52%. that's a three percent drop from the last survey in 2007. back in 2001, 48% said the agency was doing a good job. muni's chief says the latest results could have been worse given recent fare increases and service changes. in the south bay the santa clara has identified a bicyclist killed in an apparent hit and run collision.
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authorities say 39-year-old carmen martinez reyes died yesterday morning after being hit by a car on his way to work in san jose. his body was found at the side of the road at about 7:00 a.m. police say they have been unable so tar it -- far to find any witnesses. anyone with information is asked to call san jose place. >> a new effort is underway in san francisco to stop violence at big party venues venues. the board of supervisors are considering an ordinance that would require them to register. mike mibach is live in san francisco tonight with our report. mike? >> reporter: frank, nightclubs not necessarily the hottest spot on a wednesday night. even so, hey, people are out. club owners are out. promoters are out. one of them told me earlier that while the city's intention may be nice there is really no such legislation from his perspective that can stop the violence outside nightclubs,
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especially when the "street scene starts to mix with the club scene." the san francisco nightclub scene is filled with lights, cocktails, dancing. and every now and then, especially this year, a violent act breaks out. a fight, a shooting, a death. to try to prevent it, inside city hall supervisor david chu has come up with an idea. an ordinance that would require event promoters to register with the entertainment commission. >> and the bottom line here is that there have been numerous tragedies. >> reporter: justin true is supervisor of justin chu's legislative aide. >> if there is a problem that they worked on then the entertainment commission would have the power to impose additional requirements. >> reporter: for instance, the promoter and his or her staff would be subject to criminal background checks and need to hold commercial liability insurance and provide a security plan for every party. >> systems and improved accountability is good. >> reporter: mike zucchinierman
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who runs the nightclub temple supports the ordinance. if it fails no worries. he knows which promoters carry a bad reputation. and those the clubs turn away. >> we can't really worry about what happens in the street. but as far as what happens in here we have our own vetting process. there are certain promoters we work with that there is never a problem. >> we as venue owners try to do our best. >> reporter: the co-owner of avenzine he is undecided whether he will support the ordinance. >> violence is one of the things that happens whether or not there is night life or a promoted party going on anyway. >> reporter: and the public safety committee expected to take up the ordinance in about a month. reporting live here tonight in san francisco mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. a veteran san jose police officer is under investigation for pretending to arrest his 14- year-old step-daughter's 15-
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year-old boyfriend. on august 30th the off-duty officer reportedly went to the boyfriend's home in full uniform, handcuffed the teen and cited him for unlawful sexual intercourse. one legal analyst said if true, the officer overstepped his bounds and could be charged with false imprisonment. >> when an officer uses the badge and the uniform to i intimidate on a personal vendetta type of level, that's the problem. >> the officer's lawyer said the teenager's family didn't object to the lecture or handcuffing. and, in fact, thanked him. but today the boy's mother told ktvu the lawyer's account is a pack of lies. am [ music ] summer officially ended two hours ago. but summer-like weather is just starting. our chief meteorologist bill martin will have details of the forecast in less than ten minutes. >> demolition begins tomorrow in sanbruno, but removing the reminders of the pipeline explosion raises even more
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questions. [ music ] within the past hour, a decision was made here in oakland that will impact this young woman waiting for a bus in union city and thousands of other bay area bus riders. [ music ] >> the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a key vote is scheduled to come up tomorrow. >> dependable live coverage of breaking news. >> a judge declared a mistrial this afternoon. >> the bay area's major news of the day. >> and complete in-depth coverage. >> following developing news right now. >> plus the forecast where the area where you live. >> the big cool down today as much as 20 degrees. frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage. think like a fashionista. shop like a maxxinista.
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fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. . >> within the past hour the ac vote of directors voted to slash weekend bus service. bus drivers who could you want on those weekend routes are furious and gave the board an
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earful. heather holme attended those meetings and in oakland now with a live report. heather? >> reporter: well, frank the board of directors struck struggled for hours with this decision. a decision that impacts an awful lot of people. but in the end the members said they had no choice. so they unanimously approved the drastic cuts. tonight's vote means ac transit riders will endure another round of deep cuts come december. weekend service will be cut in half. and four of the six late-night routes will be eliminated. >> it's hard. it's hard to get up. >> reporter: there was tearful testimony and angry criticism. >> 25 percent, that's humongous portion. >> reporter: as frustrated riders tried to persuade the board to vote against the cuts. some said they wouldn't be able to get to work, school, church or medical appointments if the routes were cancelled. >> how dare you cut that
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lifeline for people who need to get to work. >> ac transit officials say they have explored all other options to close a multimillion dollars budget deficit. transit officials also say a judge's recent decision shot down a contract the agency was looking to impose on its bus operators that included $15 million in savings brought them to this point. >> this was not an easy decision by anybody on the board. it was not an easy recommendation from anybody on the staff. we clearly understand what our mission is. >> they plan to cut the service last year 15%. and then they decided to only cut half of it. and so this is basically the rest that they are coming after now. it is just a good time to blame it on us. >> reporter: with the elimination, though, of those 39 lines on the weekends, well, that also means about 90 employees will lose their jobs. reporting live tonight here in oakland, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the color ox corporation is
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moving hundreds of employees out of oakland to pleasantton. but they say their headquarters will remain at 12th and broadway in downtown oakland. clorox is one of oakland's biggest employers. they consolidating at a new campus in pleasantton where today there was a welcoming party. wall street's five day winning streak snapped today as investors took profits from september's considerable gains. the dow closed down 21 points. the nasdaq lost 14. gold hit a new record high closing in on the 1300 an ounce. adobe systems of san jose saw its stock price drop 19% today. demand was weak for its creative sweet software in the education market. and in japan where it usually does well. the shares closed at $26.67, down more than $6. >> an enduring story during this economic down turn is about companies doing more with fewer workers.
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and today that played out in berkeley. >> good jobs now. good jobs now. >> union workers rallied out bayer pharmaceuticals to demand the company give 39 laid off employees their jobs back. bayer said it cut the jobs because of increased efficiency in the warehouse and production facilities. the company says the laid off workers are eligible for severance pay and job placement services. the san mateo county corner today officially identified the remains of three more people killed in the september 9th sanbruno fire. 85-year-old bullis, her son 50- year-old greg and his son 17- year-old william lived on claremont drive near the source of the pipeline explosion. the death toll from the explosion and fire now stands at seven. starting tomorrow, crews will begin hauling away what's left of the destroyed houses in that sanbruno fire zone so that residents there can get started with the process of rebuilding their homes and their lives. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is in
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sanbruno tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, two weeks after the devastating sanbruno pipeline explosion, work begins tomorrow on removing the 37 homes destroyed by the fire. a bulldozer stands ready tonight to begin leveling the homes. fire victims had one last chance to go through the rubble and salvage what they could. >> i'm worried because, well, our home is destroyed. and there is probably some little things that are still inside of there. >> reporter: there are some concerns that the demolition work may kick up toxins along with the dust. the county says the rubble will be watered down, but not enough to cause possible run-off into the sewer system. >> we know that the material contains levels of metal, potential asbestos, all sorts of other chemicals. so we want to make sure that as the material is handled it will not blow off the property and become a public health problem. >> tonight more than 60 residents gathered at sanbruno cafe for an informational
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meeting with lawyers, construction and insurance experts. there were a lot of questions and concerns. >> i called my insurance company for a certified copy of my insurance policy that my house is on. and they told me they did not have any such thing and could not do that. >> the lawyers said they were not at the meeting to solicit business. but the resident says in all likelihood he will be filing a claim. his home on claremont drive was burned to the ground. he says he will reluctantly rebuild and return. >> i will have more going through all of this stress. >> will you feel safe there? >> not really, no, not safe, not safe. >> reporter: bill and nelly bishop whose house survived the fire storm on claremont drive says it is time for the healing to begin. >> to get up and look at this every day is depressing. but when they start to bulldoze and re level and rebuild some of the houses, much better. >> reporter: it will cost
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between $30,000 to $40,000 to demolish one house. the county says homeowners' insurance companies will be billed for the costs. live in sanbruno, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. california senators diane finestein and barbara boxer introduced legislation today to strengthen oversight of natural gas pipelines. the legislation would require the use of automatic shut-off valves and prioritize old pipelines in areas prone to earthquakes for the highest level -- level of oversight. it would also double the number of federal pipeline safety inspectors and increased penalties for violations of federal pipeline safety regulations. you will find continuing coverage of the sanbruno disaster at ktvu, channel 2 news. we have also posted pg&e's list of the pipelines it considers most at risk. [ music ] a lot less fog today. temperatures still on the cool side. there is a little bit of fog out there right now.
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it is showing upnd pacifica and around the avenues of san francisco. but it is going to be short lived. the fog is gone early tomorrow. temperatures on the increase. of course the long range forecast calls for some hot weather around here. overnight lows tonight, lack of cloud cover in land will get you 52 in concord. 51 in fairfield. 52 degrees. fog stays right along the coast. and then tomorrow it's gone. real rapidly. it won't be along at all. the temperatures will have an opportunity to increase. the day-time highs tomorrow into the 80s in many bay area locations. it will be warmer still. the five day forecast has a real warmup. i will show you which day on the five day will be the warmest and could have the highest fire danger. we will see you back here. >> a public hearing tonight in san francisco discussed plans to manage one of california's most treasurerred national features. the forest service hosted a hearing on its giant sacoya management plan. a small group turned out to hear the plan. the sierra club opposes the
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plan, saying it will lead to logging of giant sacoyas. a time draft of the plan is expected to be published sometime next year. >> some people love in and out burgers. but apparently not everyone. why residents are saying no to plans for a new burger joint in their neighborhood. >> also ahead, the bay area campus where students evacuated their dorm on the first day of classes. [ music ] . ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning weekdays starting at 5 a.m.
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. >> officials at cal state university says no one was hurt when a construction crew caused a natural gas leak. it happened at 8:00 this morning on the first day of classes at the hayward campus. the construction company pierced a two inch gas line. the dorms next to the site were upwind so weren't really affected by the gas. the students evacuated
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themselves. pg&e capped that leak in two hours and no classes were cancelled. the teenage boy who died in a suspected drunk driving crash yesterday morning has been identified now. 18-year-old rabari was a passenger in an suv that crashed and caught fire. the driver, 18-year-old mitchell pendings of san jose was arrested on a felony dui charge. rabari had recently graduated from leland high school. >> some east bay residents are steamed about plans to open a new in and out burger in their neighborhood. they want to build on an empty lot on pleasant hill right next to the walnut creek city line. but neighbors say they are worried about the traffic since in and out is so popular and would be open until 1 a.m. >> everything is at stake. there is nothing good that will come of this for us. we are concerned about the noise, the fumes, the smells. >> in and out said the project is still a work in progress.
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and it expects to make adjustments. pleasant hill and walnut creek city officials plan to meet tomorrow to discuss some possible changes. well, walnut creek has lured as san raphael county manager from his marin county job. ken nued -- ordhof. if they approved his contract by a unanimous vote. pension reform is a hot issue on san francisco's upcoming november ballot. opponents were out today rallying people to vote against proposition b, a pension reform measure. state center ye and members of the firefighters union said proposition b would lead to increased healthcare costs, not pension reform. prop b supporters say it is necessary to help prevent the city from having un manageable pension obligations in the future. police say a man posing as an officer handcuffed a woman and then stoled $200. they say the woman was walking on east 14th street yesterday
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afternoon when a black suv with flashing lights pulled up. police say a man jumped out, told her to freeze and then handcuffed her. they say the man then looked for her wallet and stoled her money before letting her go. police described the robber as an african american in his mid- 30s, clean shave end with a bald head. workers at an auto parts store spent the day cleaning up after a driver smashed her car through the store's front window. it happened after 10:00 on jackson street near mission boulevard. the business was closed at the time. investigators say the 55-year- old driver told them she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. the store was boarded up, but also still open for business today. the crash remains under investigation. no one, including the driver, was hurt. a proposed hotel development in the pesidio was the focus tonight of a public meeting. the plan put forward by the trust includes the building of
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two historic ones. it would encompass 200,000 feet. but the historical association says the city already has 33,000 hotel rooms and another hotel is not needed in the middle of the national park. bicyclists beware. up next, a crackdown on bike riders who think traffic laws don't apply to them. >> like father, like son. why inmates here at san quentin state prison says crime runs in the family and what they are doing to try to stop it. . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mansini sleepworld. save 50% on the largest selection of mattresses with no interest until 2012.
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. bicycleist beware. berkeley police will be cracking down tomorrow on bike rider who is don't follow the rules of the road. officers say the crackdown is part of a weekly enforcement program aimed at reducing traffic collisions by 10%. cyclists are expected to follow
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most of the same rules of the road as a vehicle. those caught breaking the law may be cited. the crackdown is expected to run between 1:00 and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> like father, like son. that's the case with an increasing number of california prison inmates whose parents or children are in prison, too. experts say they try to prevent t but as ktvu's rob ross explains in tonight's special report, for some families crime has become a lifestyle. >> reporter: here behind the razor wire and gate towers in san quentin inmates are noticing a disturbing trend. that crime and punishment is increasingly becoming a family affair. 47-year-old darryl hill grew up in east oakland and serving a life sentence foray tempted murder, robbery and burglary. three strikes. his dad william hill was convicted of murder and received a life sentence. the son followed the father into prison. >> when i did get involved in robberies, i did feel that i
10:32 pm
had the right to do it, you know, not because nobody owed me anything. it was just the lifestyle that i had grew up in. >> reporter: but for darryl hill that's not the saddest part. two of his sons are also in state penitentiaries, one of them for murder. >> this is my junior he is in pelican bay. this is my baby boy, he is in salenas valley. >> three generations of incarceration. >> there is nothing proud. there is nothing happy. there is nothing to congratulate about. it's a terrible situation. i feel it every day. >> reporter: a recent report by the u.s. justice department found that nearly half of all inmates currently in state prisons have relatives who are incarcerated. darnel hill, no relation to darryl didn't merely follow his father into crimes. he joined him. this is a picture of the two of them taken inside prison. darnel says he hardly knew his dad, a career criminal. then in 1990, father and then
10:33 pm
the then 22-year-old darnel kidnapped and robbed a father and young daughter in oakland while the victims were coming out of a movie theater. >> my focus was the connection with my father. and my focus was fear and shock that, hey, man, this is what's going on. why is this just taking a turn for the worst? >> reporter: the u.s. department of health and human services reports an estimated two million children with one or both parents in jail or prison face the greatest risk of perpetuating a cycle of crime across generations. corrections officials say that estimate may be conservative. alameda county juvenile court commissioner says he often sees family history repeat itself. >> it is very painful to watch. because when you watch a youngster whose family you kind of know from a long time. and you have kind of thought you had helped and it hasn't worked, it hurts. >> reporter: and he says solutions are hard to come by because sometimes parents and children don't accept the help. >> if we get the parents to get
10:34 pm
involved, even on a small degree, the kid almost always does better. but if the parents are just as willing to ignore the orders as the kid is, then we get nothing. >> reporter: at san quentin darnel hill is part of a victim offender's education program which mentors other inmates. part of that counselling is to get them to recognize the affect their criminal behavior has had on their children. >> reporter: most defend incarcerated that's the excuse i don't want to tell my son what he can't do because i've done it, right. >> you should be the very person, right? you should be the very person to tell him hey, this doesn't feel good. >> reporter: social olympic gists say more mentoring programs for children of convicts can help. so can better education and jobs so that crime isn't all in the family. at san quentin state prison, rob ross, ktvu, channel 2 news. the family of a jockey paralyzed in a spill at golden
10:35 pm
gate fields received some discouraging news today. he has been rejected as a candidate for experimental embryonic stem cell treatment which can help improve sensation along with bowel control. he is currently paralyzed by the waist down. but the doctor working with the martinez family said they are not giving up. and considering moving him to panama, his native country for embryonic stem cell treatment. people gathered in the shadow of the golden gate bridge today to call attention to suicide prevention. some talked about the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. one mother lost her 20-year-old son. >> having a child missing for hours and then days is a nightmare for every parent. when that child has a mental illness that anxiety changes into cold hard fear. >> today's event at san francisco's christie field was called please don't jump day, a
10:36 pm
ex include of shoes symbolized those who have died jumping from the golden gate bridge. bridge directors have approved a $5 million budget to design a suicide barrier. a california based consumer group is taking aim at the tea party with a new ad that asks: are you mad as hell? the group consumer watchdog sponsored this 30-second ad now playing on a billboard in new york's time square. organizers say they hope to close the so-called enthusiasm gap between the democratic party and its base in time for the november elections. a spokesman for california's tea party express said the ad demonstrates that "almost no political conversation can take place today without some mention of the tea party." after more than 60 years of service, the firehouse is closing its doors. which areas might see a slower response time. and the last day of summer. but things are heating up. i will tell you which cities will be the hottest and which days they will be the hottest. >> and here they are. meet the new judges of
10:37 pm
"american idol." [ music ]
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. work crews tonight have repaired a mare water main break in pleasant hill. now they have to figure out why it happened. the water main ruptured last night near the intersection of
10:40 pm
morelo avenue and viking drive. eight days ago the same water main broke not far away. they will investigate to determine why the pipe failed twice. the firehouse in the marin head lands is set to be shut down next week. they say the closure could mean a longer response time during emergency. right now they serve rodeo beach and the marine mammal center. under the plan the services will be contracted to a neighbouring fire district. the firehouse has been at fort conkrite for more than 60 years. >> president obama went to the united nations for an anti poverty summit and said that the u.s. is changing its approach to international development. it will demand accountability for the countries it is trying to help. >> to developing countries this must be your moment of responsibility as well. we want you to prosper and succeed. it is not only in your interests, it is in our
10:41 pm
interests. >> tomorrow the president is scheduled to deliver a major address before the general assembly. he is expected to talk about mid east peace efforts and the nuclear threats from iran and north korea. in other news of the world tonight, in the middle east young palestinians battled israeli riot police in east jerusalem. the killing of a palestinian man by a private israeli security guard sparked the violence. it happened after the two sides resumed peace talks which are at a make or break point over israeli settlements on the west bank. in india, flooding has claimed the lives of at least 90 people in a northern part of the country. hundreds of villages are underwater and rising floodwaters are threatening to disrupt a major athletic event set for next month in new deli. organizers of the commonwealth games also worry that the floodwaters may be a fertile breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes. and in romania thousands
10:42 pm
protested against the deep cuts the government has made in the deep recession. protestors denounced job and a hike in the sales tax. officials say those actions were necessary for them to get loans from the international monetary fund. "american idol" today announced who will be joining randy jackson this season at the judge's table. aerosmith lead singer stephen tile you are and sick singer actress am jennifer lopez have been tapped to fill the two empty chairs. the long awaited announcement comes after months of rumors and anticipation about the show's new lineup. idol's newest members say they can't wait to get started. >> but this is such an iconic show. it's such a special year, ten years. it is just an amazing thing to be part of. i feel really lucky to be here. >> the next season of "american idol" begins in january right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. and for more on the next season of idol you can go to ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted additional clips
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from ryan seacrest's big a i nounsment today. >> forbes magazine has received its annual list of america's richest residents. microsoft founder bill gates has retained his top spot at $54 billion. he is followed by the oracle of omaha warren buffett at $45 billion. larry ellison is next at $27 billion. facebook founder is the next most richest. he is also tied for the youngest on that list at 26- year-old. apple's steve jobs came in at $6.1 billion. >> the showdown and the kids caught in the middle and the madam hammer the governor may use still ahead. >> not too soon to think about the weekend. bill martin is putting the finishing touches on his five day forecast. find out which day will be the warmest right after this break.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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. >> it was all about good food, wine and beer at the second annual taste of downtown san raphael on fork street. they dined on food and had wine and beer and the cable car made designated stops throughout the events. >> congress held a hearing about the salmonella outbreak linked to eggs from iowa. the owner of one of the egg farms tied to the outbreak apologized to those who got sick. the other did not answer any questions. it is estimated that 1600 people were sickened. two of them testified, including a woman from santa cruz county who said she fell ill after eating an egg tart. >> my sister and i look back at that night and say what if our grandma or onof my daughters
10:47 pm
would have eaten that tart that we would have received. they probably would have died. >> lewis said she is still suffering the effects of the salmonella poisoning. legislation to step up enforcement of food safety laws has stalled in congress. the first major provisions of the new healthcare reform law take effect tomorrow. for some young people and their parents could be a big benefit. but for other children the changes could cut off their chance to have access to healthcare. our health and science editor john fowler explains. >> reporter: under new healthcare rules beginning tomorrow, insurers must provide healthcare coverage for depend he went children up to age 26 on their parents' policies. welcome news for many. >> i used to work for safeway. and i had benefits over there. but then i lost that job. >> reporter: for young adults it may mean healthcare many had foregone since moving out. >> the flu shots and some dental things, yeah. and then maybe some routine checkups. >> reporter: some told us they had tried to buy health insurance. >> i don't have money to afford
10:48 pm
it either. i am a single parent of two. and i just don't have it. >> what this does is allows them to have a safety net, you know, should they get sick that they have insurance. >> reporter: but now the bad news. for 80,000 kids without insurance all major health insurers in california say tomorrow they will stop writing child only policies because so many are for children already sick. insurers won't be able to deny pre-existing conditions but they cannot offer new child only coverage. anthem blue cross told us the new law had "created an un level competitive environment." >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous. it is not taking into consideration the wealth fare of our future. >> reporter: insurance companies say the change will affect a relatively small number of children. but healthcare advocates say it could be as many as 10,000. >> this is a significant number of kids who will be affected. and i think it's just wrong headed and shows bad faith in terms of the new healthcare law that was passed. >> reporter: a bill now on the
10:49 pm
governor's desk would require insurers cover sick kids at reasonable rates and punish those who don't. banning them for five years from california's individual insurance market. >> it is a showdown. we have learned the governor may sign this legislation tomorrow. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and temperatures are on the mild side today. a lot less fog. we had quick clearing today. a lot of sunshine. even at the coast. temperatures mild but warmer tomorrow. and as we've been talking about, the extended forecast, some heat in the five day. we are looking at temperatures into the mid-900s by the weekend. maybe even a little warmer than that. tomorrow the warmup starts. we will see more 80s. didn't see any 80s really for the most part. tomorrow 70s, 80s and then continuing from there we will see upper 80s and low 90s as we head into friday and saturday. the reason is this high pressure center. the winds go offshore. this is classic fall weather. the weather curve or the temperature chart you can see
10:50 pm
the temperatures will start to increase tomorrow and go right through the bay area weekend. it will be down right hot most likely on saturday and sunday. with this type of temperature change this time of year, fire danger is the first thing we think of. so we will see an increased fire danger. air quality will take a little bit of a hit as well. it will be nice but get a little dicey around here with the air and the fire danger. forecast tomorrow for san francisco, san jose and cochrane. the computer model throws out some numbers. a good eight degrees warmer than it was today. the micro climates at the beaches mid-60s. san francisco low 70s. berkeley mid-70s. over the hill out towards crockett will he 80s to mid 80s. move to the bay area micro climates warmer. noticeably warmer tomorrow. noticeably warmer again on friday and saturday. just going to become like i showed you on that curve a little warmer each day. no fog at the coast. just a really fall-like weather pattern. today was the last day of
10:51 pm
summer. it's over. now the days are basically getting shorter. we are looking for temperatures to begin to cool after this heat wave. mid 60s at noon in observing e mid-70s in oakland around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. the forecast for cities where you live. 78 in san raphael. 83 in fairfield. 83 in danville and livermore. those are the hot spots. and in saratoga 82. along the coast warmer than it has been with no fog and very fall-like weather pattern. here is the five day forecast. it includes that heat-up. again we have dodged a bullet here with the fire season. it's been so cool as we have noticed. and all summer long. now it will warm up and with that the fire danger is the first thing we think about, especially on friday and saturday. >> thanks, bill. >> we learn today who is going to start at quarter become for the raiders this weekend. plus the giants and the padres, who is in first now?
10:52 pm
i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and knew that from the start.
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it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
10:54 pm
. >> mark is off tonight. joe is here for sports. boy, it is going down to the wire with the giants. and, unfortunately, not a good result tonight. >> yes, you can't think that it is going to do anything else. the thing about a half game lead is it doesn't take much to cause a flip flop in first place. now the padres in first in the n-l west.
10:55 pm
the giants are struggling. and randy wells at the first inning with runners at the corners and just one out. jonathan sanchez gave up just four hits but one was a homerun. the cubs doubled the lead with one more run in the fifth. even when the giants got something going, the cubs took it away. aubrey huff hits one hard but grabbed by natie and turned into an inning double play. more of the same in the seven as castro knocks down a smash that starts another play. six hits and no runs for the giants who fall 2-0. >> but the pat rays are looking to take advantage. tejada has a two run shot off ted lily. san diego wins 2-1 as the padres regain first place for the first time since saturday. the white sox and the as at
10:56 pm
the coliseum. he will always remember this career homerun number one for carter who has gone 4-8 after starting out 0-32. the white sox rallied for two out. a shot to the wall scores the go ahead run. the day after being eliminated in the a-l central, the white sox end the losing streak at 8 with a 4-3 win. 49ers are in need of a win. mike singleterri isn't thrilled at vernon davis guaranteed one. on sunday against the chiefs davis was talking to kansas city on a beat call. hopefully his guarantee turns out better than the one by jonathan sanchez or julian peterson. when the raiders take the field on sunday it will be as bruce bradkowski as quarterback. he switched own against the rams. the result was three scoring drives. oakland's first touchdown of the year. and a 16-14 win. >> i think the thing that stood out to me, so you get where i'm
10:57 pm
coming from, is the same people, same day, same defense, same opponent, same people in the huddle with you. didn't change the plan. and yet we were able to go out and move the ball and score some points. so it will go in there and do the job. it's his now. you know, where we go from here, obviously will be decided on how well he plays. >> at least two other teams changing quarterbacks as well. buffalo and pittsburgh. lots more baseball to be played. three with the rockies, and three with the padres so nothing is decided yet. >> so still anybody's to lose or to win, right? >> absolutely. >> this is going to be a fun next couple of weeks here. >> i think so. >> thank you. >> and that is our report for this wednesday night. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. our coverage continues online at have a good night, everyone. >> good night.
10:58 pm
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